If you are looking for premiere "Peddle-Power" you are at the right place. From the 2-person Aqua Cycle to the 8-person Paddle Qwest, we'll get you out for a quiet morning fishing at your favorite spot, cruising the lake with all your friends on a sunny afternoon or a sunset cruise.

Paddle Qwest

A new and exciting innovation from Apex Marine. The first and only compact pontoon boat with pedal power. The Paddle Qwest is fun, simple to use and comfortable for boaters of all ages. It utilizes a unique aluminum riverboat style paddle wheel that is surprisingly powerful and easy to pedal. It features our proprietary high thrust paddle design with specifically located "windows" to reduce resistance and delivery optimum power. The Paddle Qwest is perfect for cruising or fishing and makes a great portable swim platform.

Paddle Qwest Paddle Qwest Paddle Qwest

Aqua Cycle Paddleboats

The finest quality paddleboat on the market – period. You will not find a better constructed paddleboat with as many standard features as on the Aqua Cycle. You will use this paddleboat more than any other "toy" you have at the dock. It is a phenomenal fishing boat and great for getting light exercise and enjoying the water.

Aqua Cycle II Aqua Cycle 15


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